Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Oakfield Studio Limited is responsible for developing and maintaining Hangman Deluxe Premium and Christmas Hangman.
- Facebook information are get from Facebook with your authorization and used within the application itself.
- Oakfield Studio Limited cannot guarantee a 100% availability rate for Hangman Deluxe Premium online services such as multiplayer services, also the company cannot guarantee that there will not be any data loss. Oakfield Studio Limited will however do its best to provide the best possible services to its customers.
- You may accept to receive Push Notifications. You can enable / disable notifications from the Settings menu of Hangman Deluxe Premium mobile application.

- Oakfield Studio Limited cannot be taken responsible if some users' data are lost or any issue that may be related to the use of the application.
- By playing Hangman Deluxe Premium, you do accept the terms of service without any limitation.